Thursday, July 7, 2016

Met At a Dead Show 2

     Here it is, the return of our sometimes installment, Met At a Dead Show, telling tales of some of the fun and weird people we meet at intermission and more!  Sorry there was no Sunday post this week, but I've been doing a couple of guest appearances that I'll talk more about another time.  No post this Sunday either, I'll be away at the Green River Festival in Greenfield, MA.  Fenway shows next week, though, so you better believe I'll have reviews of those!

     My friend Ricky and I showed up for Dark Star Orchestra's 2000th show, which they played at the State Theater in Ithaca.  They were playing on November 19, 2011, which was the beginning of Thanksgiving break for us college kids.  We had seen Furthur just a little over a week before, and this was our first DSO show, so we were pretty psyched!  We showed up early and got ourselves into a State of Mind that was a little more overwhelming than we anticipated, so we were silently freaking out in the front of the theater.  All of a sudden a woman and her husband (I think?) showed up with electric smiles and bright orange stickers that said "Special Today," and she stuck them on our shirts!  I've seen people with similar stickers since (my dad got one in Hartford for Dead & Company), but this particular woman stands out as a real Saint of Circumstance; we were in a particular circumstance, and she came out of nowhere to help us get into a better frame of mind -- we were special that day!

     Have you seen this lady from New York?  Is she you?  Are you she?  Let me know, and share your own stories below!

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