Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Guest Appearances!

     Hey everyone, sorry I haven't had a new post up in a bit.  I've actually done a couple of guest spots in two different places, and you should check them out!  Tune in this Thursday for final predictions for Dead & Company at Fenway, and I should have some sort of review up either Sunday or Monday!

     A huge thanks to Strangers Stopping Strangers and Deadheadland for sharing the spotlight with me, and I hope you guys check out all their other cool stuff!

Here is my appearance on the podcast Strangers Stopping Stangers.  We talk Furthur (11/11/11!), Dead & Company, and a bit about this blog and the Dead in general.  You can follow the host of the podcast on Twitter, and the podcast I'm on is here.

Here is my guest post on Deadheadland, where I did a review of the Dead & Company Hartford show (2016-06-28) that I went to the other day!  Spoiler alert, it was a great show!  The post is here, and you can follow Deadheadland on Twitter.

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