Thursday, July 14, 2016

Final Guesses For Fenway

     Tomorrow's it, folks, the first Fenway Grateful Dead(ish) show in history!  Dead & Company is playing Friday and Saturday nights at historic Fenway Park to end the second and final leg of their Eastern Tour.  After this they're heading out to the West, where one of their shows is in the suspiciously named George, Washington....

     Anyway, after careful study, ritual, and bullshitting, I have come up with exactly what the band is going to play both nights.  There are also rumors circulating about Ms. Donna Jean and/or Paul McCartney (he's playing Fenway on Sunday) making appearances, but I'm only banking on Donna.

Fenway Night One

Set One
Help On The Way > (JM)
Slipknot! >
Franklin's Tower (BW)
Beat It On Down The Line (BW & DJG)
Sugaree (JM)
Passenger (BW & DJG)
Althea (JM)
The Music Never Stopped (BW & DJG)
Set Two
Samson & Delilah (BW & DJG)
Playing in the Band > (BW & DJG)
Dark Star > (BW)
St. Stephen > (ALL)
Drums >
Space >
Days Between > (BW)
Playing in the Band (BW & DJG)
Encore: Brokedown Palace

Fenway Night Two (w/ Donna on backing vocals for most/all)
Set One
Feel Like a Stranger (BW)
Loser (JM)
Candyman (JM)
Tennessee Jed (BW)
Bird Song > (JM)
Jack Straw > (BW & JM)
One More Saturday Night (BW)
Set Two
Terrapin Station > (JM & BW)
He's Gone > (BW & JM)
Truckin' > (BW)
Drums >
Space >
The Other One > (BW)
Wharf Rat > (BW)
Not Fade Away (ALL)
Encore: Morning Dew (BW), Ripple (BW)
     Yes, revel in the light oof the Truth!  Ok, maybe they won't play exactly these songs, but I'm feeling at least 60% confident that the setlists will look a lot like these.  I'll be down in the left field for both nights with my parents and some friends, and I look just like me, so if you see me, say hi!
     Just one final note before we go.  I was watching the stream from PA last night and enjoying the show, when all of a sudden streamers started getting shut down.  According to most accounts I've heard, it was Dead staff in official shirts telling people they couldn't stream, and at least one guy got kicked out of the venue. There aren't many facts going around, but this is a troubling turn of events if the band has decided not to allow streaming.  Streaming is practically indistinuishable from taping, which is a traditional staple of the Dead Head community!  So I think if the band has a beef they should come out and say something official, and we can all talk about it like civilized people, instead of forcing us to spread conspiracy rumors on the internet.

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