Thursday, April 21, 2016

Potential Setlists 1

     Hey everybody, welcome to the first of many smaller Thursday posts here on 21st Century Dead!  This week I'll be sharing some potential setlists I've come up with for Dead & Company's upcoming tour, specifically the three shows I'm going to.  The initals after the song names are for the people singing the different songs, and I tried to create these based on the feel Dead & Company had on their last tour.  I've also included some songs that they didn't do yet that I think they should dust off.  There are also a couple repeated songs, but there are going to be some shows between the first and the other two, so I think expecting repeats makes sense.  Feel free to comment on them and share your own potential setlists!

Hartford Show (06/28/16)

Set One
Big Railroad Blues (BW)
Stagger Lee (JM)
Ramble on Rose > (BW)
Loose Lucy (BW)
Mississippi Half Step > (JM &BW)
Looks Like Rain (BW)
Let it Grow > (BW)
Crazy Fingers > (JM)
Let it Grow (BW)

Set Two
Samson & Delilah (BW)
Help on the Way > (BW & JM)
Slipknot! >
Caution (Do Not Step on Tracks) > (JM)
Feedback/Space/Drums >
Saint Stephen > (ALL)
Not Fade Away > (ALL)
Comes a Time > (BW)
Slipknot! >
Franklin's Tower (JM)
Encore: Uncle John's Band (ALL)

Fenway Night One (07/15/16)

Set One
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo > (JM &BW)
Feel Like a Stranger > (BW)
High Time (JM)
Dire Wolf (BW)
Me & My Uncle > (BW)
Mexicali Blues (BW)
Althea (JM)
So Many Roads > (BW)
Promised Land (BW)

Set Two
China Cat Sunflower > (JM & BW)
I Know You Rider > (ALL)
Estimated Prophet > (BW)
He's Gone > (BW & JM)
Truckin' > (BW)
Drums  >
Space >
Dark Star > (ALL)
Comes a Time > (BW)
Dark Star > (ALL)
Sugar Magnolia (BW)

Encore: Morning Dew (BW)

Fenway Night Two (07/16/16)

Set One
Touch of Gray > (BW)
Greatest Story Ever Told > (BW)
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (JM)
When I Paint My Masterpiece (BW)
Tennessee Jed (JM & BW)
Bertha > (JM)
Lazy Lightning > (BW)
Supplication (BW)

Set Two
One More Saturday Night (BW)
St. Stephen (up to jam after "one man gathers what another man spills") > (ALL)
Scaret Begonias > (JM)
Eyes of the World > (JM)
Drums >
Space >
Days Between (BW) >
St. Stephen Reprise (ALL) >
Not Fade Away > (ALL)
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad (ALL)

Encore: Attics of My Life


  1. I think Bobby's gonna dust off Desolation Row. Also some stuff like Big Bad Blues and/or Two Djinn.

  2. Hmm, not my favorite Bobby/Dylan song, but I wouldn't hate it! I wouldn't be shocked if Big Bad Blues came back

  3. You're both wrong ... well, Stagger Lee is on the right track but you didn't go far enough. Mayer is busy learning the great Garcia songs that Weir wouldn't touch in his own bands: Cosmic Charlie, Doin' That Rag, Dupree's, To Lay Me Down, Built To Last, Liberty, Black Muddy River ... maybe even things like Sisters & Brothers and That Lazy Old Sun.

    1. Yup, I think anything to expand the repertoire! Rubin & Cherise would be another great one. Especially some of those older ones that Jerry (in)famously dissed in his later life (Cryptical, Doin' That Rag, Mountains of the Moon).