Thursday, April 28, 2016

Met at a Dead Show 1

     This week's supplemental post, if you couldn't tell, is the first installment in a series called "Met at a Dead Show."  Like you, I run into a wide variety of people at the Dead shows I go to, and some are more memorable than others.  If any of you have met this person, or have your own stories to share, put them in the comments below or tweet them to me @21stCenturyDead .

The Numbers Guy
      No surprise, but my friend Ricky and I ran into this guy at a numerically significant show, the 11/11/11 Furthur concert in Syracuse.  During intermission we were going through the normal hour-long-freak-out that always happens when one set ends and the next has not yet begun.  We were milling about the aisles waiting for a friend to come back from that far off land of toilets and coffee stands, when a guy who somehow looked more freaked out than we were sidled up to us.  He was of the Earth Tone Baggy Clothes Tribe and had a large cap with more pins than hat showing.  He locked eyes with the two of us and launched into a long-winded rant that i have tried to faithfully recreate below:

     "Hey man, I was born in '85.  That was twenty five years ago.  When I was eleven I first heard the Dead, and that was one year after Jerry died.  Eleven is two ones next to each other, and now it's almost eleven years after that.  If you take eighty five and divide it by eleven, you get seven and seven's my lucky number.  But now eleven's my lucky number.  And today's eleven eleven eleven and they're going to do the eleven for seven minutes and Phil's almost eighty five.  Look at my hat."

     After staring at the guy for maybe seven or eleven minutes he realized that Rick and I were clearly not mathematically inclined, and he went off to find a another victim.

So that's my short story, share yours below!  This Sunday I'll be sharing my thoughts on Joe Russo's Almost Dead, so prepare your thoughts for that!


  1. Maybe in his world, 85 / 11 = 7 ... with some bits left over of course.

  2. Maybe in his world, 85 / 11 = 7 ... with some bits left over of course.

  3. Hey man, it's all subjective, right?