Thursday, June 23, 2016

Songs I'm Missing

     Real short post today, more of a list than anything else.  With Dead & Comapny's tour rolling along, and my first show of the tour coming up on Tuesday in Hartford, I decided to come up with a list of the songs I haven't gotten yet.  For those of you who didn't follow the early version of this blog, when I say I "got" a song, that means it was played by a band with at least one member of the Grateful Dead in it.  So seeing DSO or JRAD do "Easy Wind" does not count, same with seeing the John Kadlecik Band do "Touch of Grey"; they're all great, but they just don't quite count.

     Also, some of these are obivously cover songs, but ones that the Grateful Dead did consistently, so I'm counting those as Dead songs.  I also tried to limit it to songs that are actually played relatively frequently, so I didn't include "Blues For Allah" or "Victim Or The Crime," or any others that the guys just don't do anymore.  Hopefully after Hartford and the two Fenway shows I can amend this list.  Feel free to share your own list, or guess at ones I forgot to put down!  As always, you can follow me here, or on Twitter and Facebook @21stCenturyDead.

Me & My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Comes a Time
Days Between
So Many Roads
Black Muddy River
Looks Like Rain
Easy Wind
Promised Land
El Paso
One More Saturday Night
High Time
Big RR Blues
Big Boss Man
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
Built to Last
Touch of Grey
West LA Fadeaway
Dancin' in the Streets
Good Lovin'
Stagger Lee
Don't Ease Me In
China Doll

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